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Adding a new interest in computer science could directly benefit your career

There’s a famous quote from science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke that states that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. This idea is so famous, it’s actually been named ‘Clarke’s Third Law’ and it seems wholly reasonable; imagine being able to show the full capabilities of a modern smartphone with wireless calls, wireless […]

The benefits of being a tech savvy entrepreneur

It’s hard to imagine starting a modern business without using some form of technology; in fact tech has been the catalyst for a wave of entrepreneurship in recent decades. Starting a company now is more attainable and more achievable, with the number of start-ups growing from 440,660 to over 650,000 in the five years to […]

Are today’s healthcare users more like consumers?

In recent years, the provision of healthcare has not only shifted, but continues to evolve and change rapidly, whether in countries with state-healthcare such as the UK or Canada, or private, for-profit services like the US system. The advances that have been made aren’t simply in medical knowledge; we’ve seen great leaps in therapies, treatments, […]

Are company project managers the real superstars?

As businesses develop and grow, it becomes increasingly important that they’re protected as much as possible against disruptions to their smooth running, whether this is from internal or external forces. Being able to operate smoothly, day by day, creates a stable environment in order to build and focus on the future. Efficiency is essential in […]

What is the lasting effect of GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) caused a big stir on its introduction in May 2018, with businesses highly concerned about non-compliance and data handling. While the legislation was intended to replace the former Data Protection Act that businesses had to follow, the concern for many related to the penalties for non-compliance, which have […]

Start-ups? It’s green for go

Being a green business is very important in today’s world. No matter the industry, business owners have an increasing responsibility to be environmentally friendly and reduce their carbon footprint. And as more and more companies catch on to the importance of limiting their eco-footprint, green business trends are on the rise. According to the European […]

6 reasons aspiring entrepreneurs should study for an MBA

While many educational institutions offer students the opportunity to study advanced degrees in business, are there any advantages to having a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree? We believe that there absolutely are! Not least the opportunity to network, gain hands-on experience and test your business ideas in a practical and controlled environment. Here we […]

Building a successful workforce as a small business owner

Building a successful workforce as a small business owner

One of the biggest problems any company faces is finding great employees. Whilst building a hardworking and dedicated team can accelerate company growth, taking on staff who aren’t up to the job, or don’t fit with the company culture, can be a big drag on a small business. How to recruit and grow your team […]

B2B marketing; less appealing just as important

B2B marketing; less appealing just as important

Business-to-business (or B2B) marketing involves the sale of one company’s products or services to another. Unlike business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing, it is largely deployed by companies that work directly with other businesses, not with the general public. Whilst its techniques rely on the same basic principles as consumer marketing – at its core, B2B marketing involves […]

The key to tackling workplace stress? Better management

The key to tackling workplace stress? Better management

Whilst workplace well-being is something HR teams have become acutely aware of in recent years,  stress-related absence is on the rise in nearly two-fifths of the UK’s workplaces. One reason for this could be that remote workers tend to work longer hours and tend to blend personal and professional life, which can lead to higher […]

Does marketing have an image problem

Does marketing have an image problem?

The evolving world of marketing means marketers must constantly re-evaluate their communication strategies due to changes in regulations and customer behaviour and the availability of analytics. In addition, digital marketing has blurred the lines between departments, provided us with more data than we know what to do with and fundamentally changed traditional ways of working. […]

Bored with the Board? Creating a culture of intrapreneurs

Bored with the Board? Creating a culture of intrapreneurs

While every business is born out of an entrepreneurial mindset, it often becomes less forward-thinking as it grows. Companies therefore need to create a culture of innovation among employees, one where all staff at every level are encouraged to generate and develop ideas. Often those ‘on the front line’ can see issues (and therefore solutions) […]