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Adding a new interest in computer science could directly benefit your career

Posted on: April 1, 2020
Adding a new interest in computer science could directly benefit your career

There’s a famous quote from science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke that states that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. This idea is so famous, it’s actually been named ‘Clarke’s Third Law’ and it seems wholly reasonable; imagine being able to show the full capabilities of a modern smartphone with wireless calls, wireless messaging, photography and video without film, a portable television and the ability to pull up information on any subject within seconds to somebody in the 1970’s. It would be thoroughly inexplicable.

No magic, just science

Of course, we now know that these ‘magical’ feats are possible due to computer science. At one time, computer science was only of interest to mathematicians and scientists in laboratories, it’s now a fundamental part of everyday life and we rely on computer science on an almost constant basis.

What’s interesting, however, is that this expansion of computer science has evolved from the magical into the mundane. We use computers without even really realising it and everything from our watches to our fridges and even household radiators can now be classed as smart devices. There has been no slowdown in the pace of technological innovation and even less so in the demand for it.

The science needs support

We increasingly use tech and digital solutions for everyday problems such as chatbots, translation software and bio-monitoring devices and demand for the skills to support this massive digital world is growing exponentially. Businesses that require digital transformation need people with the right computer science qualifications, skills and knowledge to help their company succeed.

Many assume that working in computer science requires a lifelong interest in coding or fluency in several programming languages, but it’s not actually the case. Computer science needn’t be a decades long passion and you don’t need to intricately know the history of computing to understand it; in the same way as reading modern literature doesn’t require you to have read the entire works of Shakespeare or Charles Dickens, studying modern computer science can be started today without requiring in depth knowledge about computing’s history.

Businesses need computer science

The insatiable desire of both businesses and consumers for tech means that companies are struggling to find qualified computer science professionals to fulfil their needs; they require more today than they ever have and it shows no signs of slowing – quite the opposite. Almost every sector needs more computer engineers, IT managers, information analysts and digital security experts and the time has never been better to develop the skills to take up one of these roles.

To help industry fill these roles, Wrexham University are offering a 100% online MSc in Computer Science. This programme is designed for those who may not have a background in computing or computer science, and who want to hone their skills or even launch an entirely new career in computer science. As all materials are delivered online, students can study in their spare time and keep their current role, allowing them to earn while they learn. Without the need to take a costly study break, some of the financial burden of study is removed, whilst there’s also the option to pay-per-module and even to apply for a government-backed loan to cover programme fees.

There are six start dates throughout the year, meaning that students don’t have to wait to get going and students can put what they learn into practice at work as they go. Wrexham University’s excellent links to business and industry ensure that students gain the skills that businesses want and need, with a Masters qualification that is directly applicable to their future careers.

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